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 Nurturing Spirit Reiki

Global Healing Center

Sienna,  Reiki Master/Teacher 

​Usui/Tibetan Reiki

Abo​ut Sienna, Reiki Master/Teacher

Helping You To LIGHT YOUR PATH Is My Mission!

The Journey

After studying metaphysical practices and the spiritual side of life for two decades, I was guided by a higher power and called to not only learn Reiki, but to teach, lead and guide others on the spiritual path. Immediately after learning Reiki, I began leading Reiki Circles and Goddess Empowerment Reiki groups, giving sessions at holistic healing fairs, providing private sessions for clients and teaching others Reiki. My mission is to continue this path and share it with people around the world! 

Giving Back

 A portion of all proceeds go to organizations who are working to end human trafficking around the world. When you help yourself, you are also helping someone else in need!

A Personal Message To You

As we are moving into a higher vibration and the veil that separates us from the other side is thinning, it is more important than ever to acknowledge the spiritual side of ourselves and nurture our spirit. Self care and a healthy emotional, mental and physical state of being is more important than ever and Reiki is a wonderful alternative healing method to incorporate into our lives. 

Many Blessings to You!

In Gratitude,