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 Nurturing Spirit Reiki

Global Healing Center

Sienna,  Reiki Master/Teacher 

​Usui/Tibetan Reiki

Session Tips

How T​o Get The Most From Your Experience 

  • Make sure you are lying down or sitting at least a few minutes before the session starts and stay there until it is over. Take your time getting up at the end of the session. Because you have been in relaxed state, it may take a few moments to adjust.
  • Take some deep breaths before your session to help strengthen your connection to higher realms.
  • You may put on relaxing music or you burn a candle if you like. Cell phones should be turned off completely. Keep tissues handy.

  • This is your amazing healing journey just for you! If you would like to say a prayer or ask your angels, guides or a higher power to be with you during the session, just ask! Set your intention and breathe in peace and breathe out all negativity

  • Please eliminate any expectations you may have regarding the kind of experience that will occur. Many times there is healing or a sensation that takes place you are not expecting. That is ok and perfectly normal! Your soul/higher self knows exactly what you need at that moment.

  • After the session and the important follow up consultation, jot down any thoughts, feelings or visions you may have had along with any messages I may deliver to you that come through during the session.

  • Drink plenty of water afterwards to flush out any toxins that may have been released.

  • Thank the Universe for your experience.